How to watch restricted videos on YouTube without signing in or proxy

Sometimes, when, you want to watch a video on YouTube, it asks you to sign in to continue. Another restriction is that a warning appears saying that the video you want to watch is not available in your country. Here is how to quickly bypass these restrictions and watch the desired video instantly.

Here is an example of a restriction which prevented me from watching the gameplay of WATCH_DOGS, a multiplayer game:youtube restricted video

To watch it, you just need to change the video URL in the address bar in your browser.

By default, the URL looks as follows:

You can replace the portion "watch?v=" with "v/" or with "embed/" to get the following URL:


This will give you access to the desired video directly:youtube restricted video played

That's it. Tip: to download the desired video from YouTube, refer to the article: How to download a YouTube video quickly without installing any apps


4 thoughts on “How to watch restricted videos on YouTube without signing in or proxy

  1. Karim

    Super trick. Thank you man !

    1. Sergey Tkachenko Post author

      you are welcome

  2. Coraxus

    Sorry pal, but anyone claiming this works is lying. It may have worked in ancient times but not this time around.

  3. wallabi_g

    The hack where you can make a change in the link itself is pretty useful, I’ve seen it in a couple of other articles as well. What I do is use a VPN (I have Surfshark) before I used proxy, but it was a bit laggy, so I switched to VPN. If you’re not a fan of all these solutions, you can also try using Hooktube, it’s some sort of a mirror Youtube site (


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