25 thoughts on “How to sign up on Google without creating a Gmail account”

    1. I would like to use google play but am not interested in gmail. I feel google has a pervasively overreaching presence in the digital world and I make every effort to use alternative services whenever possible to help counter-ballance this effect.

  1. I am an elementary teacher and want to set up accounts for my students to save their documents, spreadsheets and powerpoint presentations. As they are young, I do not feel it necessary for them to also have a gmail account, this is a decision for parents to make.

  2. Thank you. You asked why; I have once been banned from Facebook without reason specified. That demonstrated to me how many side effects that can have, and it taugt me to: A) not trust web sites / social networks, B) keep things separate.

  3. Gmail Account sign out is the easy system and this about the blog is the best perfect site. I have followed this blog contains and done. This way firstly open my Gmail account and latter click (Email address name) icon in the top of the corner sight and see sub-list than click (Sign Out) button.

  4. There are many cases when you need to have a Google account without the Gmail inbox forcefully pushed onto you. One example is when you are creating a YouTube account for your organization. Why would you need a gmail for the organization?

  5. My 4th grade Daughter likes to write stories using Google Docs, but since her Mom & are divorced, she isn’t able to access all of her stories at either of our houses, so I want her to have her own account, without email.

  6. I created a Google account so I could watch “age-restricted” vidos on YouTube.

    I didn’t want GMail because even deleted things are never truly deleted and will stay on Google data storage for all time (as I understand it). Plus, as a non-US citizen — and even though I have nothing to hide — I don’t want my e-mails stored in a country where BY LAW all data produced/owned by NON-US citizens MUST be handed over to law enforcement even if the agencies don’t give a reason. So I chose a different Web-based e-mail service NOT in Trumptonshire (my new name for the USA), thanks.

    That, and of course IMHO the GMail client GUI in a PC browser is terrible, and I find it counter-intuitive to (attempt to) use. I’ve had to use it from time to time to help other folks who have a GMail account and I hate it.

  7. Hi, I have join in a company they wants me to create account in their company website. So I have created the account by using a gmail without registering with gmail..Now I urgently need to log into the email.when I log in its show email id invalid..pls help me as I need to do my job process..Thank u

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