Google is now a member of the .NET Foundation

The Microsoft Connect(); // 2016 developers event happened this Wednesday and some interesting announcements were made there. One of them is that Google is now a member of the .NET Foundation and will expand .NET support in its services, including the Google Cloud Platform. Google has already been one of the most active contributors even before joining the .NET Foundation for the past two years and now will be more involved in developing the future of .NET.

How to disable the targeted ads (bubbling) in Google

If you use Google services, you might be knowing that Google collects some data about you to target you with relevant ads. Of all the information collected by Google, the most notable are your search queries when you are signed in (or even if you aren't), your location, your web browser cookies, and even your email. For example, if I Googled on how to buy tablets, I will see ads about online shops which sell tablets. Some users care a lot about their privacy and some of them just do not want any targeted ads. For those users, Google has a special set of settings.