Google removes the “cache:” operator and cached pages from search

Google will soon remove the ability to view a cached version of a webpage. The company has already removed the cached links from search, and the "cache:" operator in the URL is the next subject to be killed. While the links have gone, the cache operator still works. It is currently only applicable to web searches and provides users with access to a cached version of a webpage generated by Google.

In February 2024, Gmail and Yahoo will apply restrictions to mass mail sending

Effective February 2024, Gmail and Yahoo will implement new regulations for bulk mailings. These regulations will impact users who send over 5,000 emails per day. The purpose of these rules is to address the growing issue of spam that users frequently express concern about.

Google will start deleting inactive accounts on December 1st

According to Google, abandoned accounts often have weak or compromised passwords and lack two-factor authentication. Google's analysis revealed that inactive accounts are at least 10 times less likely to have two-step verification compared to active accounts, making them vulnerable to malicious activities such as data theft and unwanted content distribution when compromised.

Google Assistant to get some AI-powered capabilities

Google intends to enhance its Assistant by adding generative artificial intelligence features. The voice assistant will leverage the latest models similar to those used in ChatGPT and Bard. Implementation of this feature has already in progress, and it will first appear on mobile devices.

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