2 thoughts on “How to remove a user account in Windows 10 properly”

  1. It’s so much annoying (and confusing) that since Win 8 MS divides more and more settings between Control Panel and Metro Settings apps (or better say migrates from CP to Metro).

    I understand, that some time in future all settings will migrate from Control Panel to Settings app, cause classic interface was introduced a long time ago is not suited at all for touch based devices like hybrid laptops and tablets especially.

    But as now, some actions can be done only via Control Panel, another only via Settings app, others are not implied in UI at all, and can be tweaked only through Group Policy (not presented in Home and crippled in Pro versions ) or Registry.

    This is really uncovenient. Users want all their settings in one place, like it was earlier in MS OS (before 8) and is done on macOS or Linux now and not spreaded all over the system which takes time to find them and set the system up.

    Also update system should be more polished, like it’s on Android or Apple (iOS, macOS) where update preserves all possible settings, and keeps all installed apps in place with their settings untouched.

    After Anniversary update (and further builds), some apps like Classic menu are constanly being deleted, and a lot of, if not all, settings, especially concerning privacy are reset to their default stay, which is a real time eating operation to find out and restore to the previous state, which was before the update.

    So, big thanks to Sergey for finding this things and letting know users world wide about issues and methods of their solving through his blog.

    P.S: It’s a pity, that you somewhat abandoned russian version of this site – which is not updated since march at all. Though for russian speakin users, i think the information there is invaluable.

  2. Did the complete removal as described. most is gone, but the registry still has leftover stuff scattered all over.

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