How to pin Recycle Bin to Quick Access in Windows 10

The Quick Access location is a new option in File Explorer of Windows 10. It is where Explorer opens by default instead of This PC which was the default in previous Windows versions. Quick Access collects recent files and frequent folders to show them in a single view. You can also pin various locations inside Quick Access. Quick Access always shows these pinned locations regardless of how rarely you visit them. In this article, we will see how to pin Recycle Bin to Quick Access.


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To pin a folder to Quick Access, you need to right click the desired folder and select "Pin to Quick Access" in the context menu. This is nicely explained in the article "Pin any folder or location to Quick Access in Windows 10.

Windows 10 pin a folder to quick accessBut for Recycle bin, the above mentioned context menu item is missing:

Windows 10 recycle bin context menuHere is a workaround.

  1. Open the Recycle Bin folder in File Explorer.Windows 10 open recycle bin
  2. Right click the Quick Access start icon on the left to show its context menu:Windows 10 quick access context menu
  3. You will see the item Pin current folder to Quick Access. Click it and you are done:Windows 10 pin recycle bin to quick access

Or you can simply open Recycle Bin and drag the address bar icon of Recycle Bin and drop it over Quick Access to pin it.

That's it. It is not clear why the context menu item to pin Recycle Bin to Quick Access is missing. It can be an oversight or a bug in File Explorer. Having Recycle bin in Quick Access is very useful. Now you know how to get it working.


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