How to Enable Workspaces in Microsoft Edge

Here is how you can enable Workspaces in Microsoft Edge if this new feature is not yet available in your browser. While currently there is no flag for that in edge://flags, this can be done with by modifying the Edge shortcut.


If you are not familiar with Workspaces, it is a new productivity of the Edge browser. With Workspaces you separate your tabs related to work, social network browsing, and gaming, etc. The idea behind this feature is not new. The same can be achieved with individual browsing profiles, virtual desktops in Windows and Linux. Workspaces just makes it more convenient.

These days, many users open numerous tabs throughout a day of browsing, and end up getting lost between those related to work and those for side projects such as shopping, home tasks or which movie to watch.

Edge Workspaces Feature 3Edge Workspaces Feature 2

The new Workspaces feature is helpful solution in this case. Accessible through the toolbar or sidebar if you use vertical tabs, it allows you to simply create separate areas to host your tabs, organized by particular concept or idea in one group, called a Workspace. More than that, you can also create Tab groups within Workspaces, and when you reopen those Workspaces, the groups will still be there!

In Edge, Workspace will allow you to rename windows, and assign colors to them, similar to Tab Groups.

This post will show you how to enable the Workspaces  feature in the Edge browser. Note that at the moment of this writing this method only works for me in the Dev version of Edge, and doesn't work in Canary. Things can be different in your case.

Enable Workspaces in Microsoft Edge

  1. Right-click the Microsoft Edge shortcut, e.g. on your Desktop.
  2. Select Properties from the context menu.
  3. Add --enable-features=msWorkspaces after the msedge.exe portion in the Target box.Microsoft Edge Enable Workspaces
  4. Click OK and Apply.
  5. Close Edge if you have it running, and launch it using the modified shortcut.

You now have the Workspaces feature enabled in Microsoft Edge.

Tip: You can also add multiple enable-features/disable-features parameters to the Edge shortcut in order to enable several experimental features at once.

Thanks to our reader IEfan for sharing this tip.

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Author: Sergey Tkachenko

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