Edge receives a brand new Workspaces feature to organize your tabs

Microsoft's very own web browser is getting yet another productivity feature. In addition to tab groups and window naming, Edge includes Workspaces - a set of tabs isolated into a session inside one window.

With Workspaces you separate your tabs related to work, social network browsing, and gaming, etc. The idea behind this feature is not new. The same can be achieved with individual browsing profiles, virtual desktops in Windows and Linux. Workspaces just makes it more convenient.

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These days, many users open numerous tabs throughout a day of browsing, and end up getting lost between those related to work and those for side projects such as shopping, home tasks or which movie to watch.

The new Workspaces feature is helpful solution in this case. Accessible through the toolbar or sidebar if you use vertical tabs, it allows you to simply create separate areas to host your tabs, organized by particular concept or idea in one group, called a Workspace.

In Edge, Workspace will allow you to rename windows, and assign colors to them, similar to Tab Groups.

The following video shows the feature in action:

As of the moment of this writing, Workspaces in Edge are available to a small select group of Insiders in the Canary channel. There is a little chance that you will get it enabled for your user account.

It is worth mentioning that Workspaces in Edge is similar to what the Opera browser has since version 67, under the same feature name. Quite possible that the Edge team was inspired by that functionality of the Opera browser and added something similar to its own product.

Thanks to Leo for the tip.

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