How to Enable the new Snap Layouts in Windows 11 build 25300

As you may have already learned from the build change log, Windows 11 build 25300 includes a set of experimental snap layout implementations. You may or may not have one of them out of the box, but there is also a high chance that you won't see the change. Microsoft has made it available to a small select group of Insiders. Luckily, you can enable them manually and switch between them.


Here are some more details on those new Snap Layouts. In Windows 11 build 25300, there are several different treatments for snap layouts. Microsoft tries to improve the accessibility and availability of window management. Some of the variants have a smaller timeout to invoke the Snap flyout for the Maximize button. Another variant shows the app icon of the window you are working in, as well as a text line describing the Snap feature.

Windows 11 Enable New Snap Layouts

Here's how to activate the new feature in build 25300. As with any hidden features in Insider builds, you need to use the ViveTool app.

Enable New Snap Layouts in Windows 11

  1. Download ViveTool from its official GitHub page.
  2. Extract its files from the ZIP archive to the c:\vivetool folder.
  3. Press Win + X on the keyboard and select Terminal(Admin).
  4. Type one of the following commands, and press Enter.
    • c:\vivetool\vivetool /enable /id:40851068 - simply adds a title that says 'Snap this window'.The variant with the "Snap this window" title
    • c:\vivetool\vivetool /enable /id:40851068 /variant:1 - doesn't add the title, but reduces the timeout to show the Snap layout template.
    • c:\vivetool\vivetool /enable /id:40851068 /variant:2 -  adds the 'Snap this window' title and app icon in the snap layout position.New Snap Layout with title and window icon
    • c:\vivetool\vivetool /enable /id:40851068 /variant:3 - combines variant 1 and 2. Shows the title and app window icon and opens on hover faster.
  5. Restart Windows 11 to apply the change.

You are done!

To undo the change, substitute /enable with /disable in the first command, and run it in an elevated Windows Terminal:

c:\vivetool\vivetool /disable /id:40851068

After you restart Windows 11, the new Snap Layouts will be disabled.

Thanks to PhantomOfEarth for sharing their findings.

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