6 thoughts on “How to customize the Windows 8 boot experience”

  1. Hi !

    As we can disable the windows logo on the boot logo screen, is there a way to change it on windows 10 ? (like there was on windows 7)
    Also, is there a way to disable the login screen as well ?

    Thank you very much !

  2. Greetz fellows,

    I just got Winaero, was looking to customize the boot (win icon) boot screen. Best I can tell from many FAQ’s and site forums, the only real option is s disable W10 icon or switch to W7.
    That opening screen.. (
    I wanted to customize to something like this ( )
    Is there still a way to do this?


    1. Hi
      I don’t think it is possible.
      It doesn’t support backgrounds. It shows only the logo, Windows or the one from OEM.

  3. Under Boot Options, the only clickable checkbox for me is “always show boot menu”, all the other ones cant be checked, any reason why?

    Windows 8.1 (build 9600)

  4. Had some boot issues recently and with the command prompt (admin) and with the ‘Tweaker’ program I’m being told access is denied. Is there any way to get access back?

    Regards and thanks!

  5. Sergey Tkachenko : maybe you know the resources of the loader, by changing which you can make changes to the not quite beautiful background of the loader and the logo of the boot system in the loader points before the name (descriptor) ,making it more attractive like what is in Linux ??
    PS for me,it remains a mystery why small-soft completely pre-releasing the entire OS could not make at least some semblance of convenient, fast and flexible in the Grub settings ??

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