How to copy URLs of opened tabs in Firefox without extensions

One fine day, I needed to copy the web addresses (URLs) of all opened tabs at once to the clipboard. This did not seem easy to do in Firefox as the browser offers no such option. However, this can be done quickly and easily. You don't even need to install extensions. Read this article if you are interested in knowing how to copy the location from all open tabs.


Let's open a few pages in Firefox to get something like this:

Firefox opened tabsTo copy all URLs at once of opened tabs, you need to do the following:

  1. Click on the hamburger icon to open Firefox's menu.
  2. In the menu pane, click the Preferences icon.Firefox open preferences
  3. In Preferences, note the Home Page value. We will make use of this field, so its contents need to be restored after doing the trick. In my case, the home page is empty, so I will lose nothing.Firefox preferences general
  4. Now, click "Use Current Pages" button. All URLs of opened tabs will be placed in the "Home Page" field. You can copy them from there by selecting them all with Ctrl+A and then copying them with Ctrl+C!Firefox copy all urls

That's it. Here is a bonus tip. When you copy URLs from the "Home Page" field, they are separated by the "|" character. You can replace this character with a new line quickly, so you will get a neat list of URLs each on a separate line. All you need is Notepad++, Geany or any other editor app which supports escape sequences.

For example, here is how it can be done in Geany.

  1. Paste the context of the "Home Page" field in Geany:Geany links
  2. Set the search & replace dialog as shown below:Geany replace
  3. Replace all instances in the current document and you are done. The result will be as follows:Geany result

You are done.

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Author: Sergey Tkachenko

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