How to copy process details from the Task manager in Windows 10

Windows 10 inherited its Task Manager from Windows 8. Compared with the old one from Windows 7, it is a completely different application. It features a simplified mode, and an advanced mode with more detailed performance information. There's added management of startup apps with a very useful "startup impact" calculation feature. Yet another interesting feature of the Task Manager is the ability to copy detailed information of an application or service with one keystroke.


Open the Task Manager by using any of the methods described in the following article: All ways to open task manager in Windows 10.

It will appear in the simplified mode unless you've changed the defaults:Windows 10 task manager simplified mode

Let's switch it into the full view using the "More details" arrow at the bottom of the screen:Windows 10 task manager pro mode

Now switch to the "Details" tab, select the required process and press Ctrl+C on the keyboard. All of the displayed information will be copied to the Windows clipboard instantly, including the column headers! For example, I selected the Paint app in order to copy all the details about it.

Windows 10 paint in task manager

Windows 10 paint in details

After I press the Ctrl+C keys on my keyboard with mspaint.exe selected, my clipboard will contain the following information:

Windows 10 paint copied

This trick also works for the "Services" tab. Let's try this in action.

Switch to the "Services" tab and select some interesting service, for example, the Windows Defender service. Press Ctrl+C and paste the contents of the clipboard into Notepad. You will get this:Windows 10 defender details

This feature of the Task Manager is a very nice addition, similar to the ability to copy the contents of any message box in Windows.

However, not everyone likes the new Task Manager because it has more regressions than improvements. If you don't like it, see this article on how to restore the good old Windows 7-like Task Manager in Windows 10.

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