How to Change Language for News and Interests Feed

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You can change language for News and Interests feed, and this post will guide you how it can be done. The May 2021 cumulative update for Windows brought a brand-new widget to the taskbar. Now, you can check the weather, read news headlines, follow traffic updates, stock information, and other relevant information without launching a browser.The News and Interests widget is now available globally, which means it supports different languages and shows content tailored to your location. Tip: you can disable open News and Interests on hover in Windows 10.

Bear in mind that at the time of writing, Microsoft is still rolling out News and Interests to all users. That means many users are yet to receive the widget even after successfully installing the latest cumulative update.

If you want to change the default News and Interests feed language, here is how to do that.

Change Language for News and Interests Feed

  1. Open the News and Interests widget by clicking on it or hovering over the cursor.
  2. Click the Manage Interests link in the upper-right corner. This action will open your default browser with an MSN settings page.
  3. Go to the Experience Settings.
  4. Find the Language and Content section.
  5. You can also directly go to that section by clicking the three-dot button in the upper-right corner next to the Manage Interests link. Click Language and Content.
  6. Select the language you want from the drop-down menu. This action will change the language not only for the News and Interests feed but also for the entire MSN Portal for your account.
  7. Now you need to refresh the feed. Again, open the News and Interests widget and find the Refresh button in the upper-right corner.
  8. Click it and wait for the widget to populate the content in the language you have just selected.

And that is how you change News and Interests feed language.

Tip: By default, the News and Interests widget opens all external links in Microsoft Edge regardless of your default browser settings. Even if you have Chrome or Firefox set as the default browser, News and Interest will still open links in Edge. Learn how to make News and Interests open links in Chrome on Windows 10.

In case you are curious, there are several more ways to personalize the News and Interests widgets. You can change the weather location and units, remove or add information blocks, reduce updates, or disable News and Interests in Windows 10 altogether.

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Author: Taras Buria

Taras is here to cover stories about Microsoft and everything around, although sometimes he prefers Apple.

2 thoughts on “How to Change Language for News and Interests Feed”

  1. That’s a useful tip. Now you can change it to an obscure language nobody understands, and then you can save your soul by not understanding the rubbish displayed by that waste of RAM, CPU and bandwidth.

  2. I accidentally choose chinese language. and at step 5, it doesnot shown any language options. in the web,, doesnot shown any language options also. what to do?

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