How to add, remove and resize widgets in Windows 11

This article will show you how to add or remove widgets in Windows 11. Also, you will learn how to rearrange and resize widgets in Windows 11.


Windows 11 has a dedicated space for widgets and a news feed. It is a significantly improved version of the News and Interest panel, currently available in all Windows 10 versions. Unlike News and Interests, widgets in Windows 11 are fully customizable. Moreover, Microsoft plans to allow third-party developers to create widgets for Windows 11. For now, though, users will have to deal with a set of default widgets from Microsoft.

Windows 11 Widgets B22000

Tip: You can open Windows 11 widgets by clicking a dedicated button on the taskbar, or with the Win + W shortcut. If you want to hide the widgets button in Windows 11, check out our guide.

How to add widgets in Windows 11

  1. Open widgets by clicking the corresponding button on the taskbar. Alternatively, you can use the new Win + W shortcut or a swipe from the left edge of the screen.Windows 11 Widgets Button
  2. The widgets panel splits between two sections: widgets and news. Between those two, find and click the Add widgets button.Add Widgets Button
  3. New widgets in Windows 11 include Microsoft To-Do, your photos from OneDrive, eSports updates, tips, and Calendar. Click the button with a plus icon next to the widget you want to add in Windows 11.Add Widget In Windows 11

Again, for now, only first-party widgets from Microsoft are available in Windows 11. In the future, Microsoft will make widgets better by giving third-party developers access to the new space.

How to remove a widget in Windows 11

  1. To remove a widget in Windows 11, find a button with three dots in the upper-right corner of the widget you want to remove.
  2. Click the Remove Widget option.Remove Widget In Windows 11

That is how you remove widgets in Windows 11.

How to resize and rearrange widgets in Windows 11

Similar to Live Tiles that are no longer a part of Windows, you can resize and rearrange widgets in Windows 11. Bigger widgets show more information, while smaller ones allow a more compact view.

Available Widget Sizes

To resize a widget in Windows 11, do the following.

  1. Open the widgets panel and click a button with three dots in the upper-right corner of the widget you want to resize in Windows 11.
  2. Select one of three available options: small, medium, and large. Note that some widgets have fewer sizes. For example, the Tips widget offers only medium and large options.Resize Widget In Windows 11
  3. To rearrange widgets in Windows 11, hold the widget you want to reposition and drag it to another place. Note that you can only move widgets with the panel. Unlike Windows 7, where you can place gadgets anywhere on the desktop, widgets in Windows 11 live in their own dedicated space, keeping the desktop for icons only.

Now you know how to add or remove, resize, and rearrange widgets in Windows 11.

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