How to Add or Remove Widgets Taskbar Button on Windows 11

You can add or remove the widgets button from taskbar in Windows 11 that is visible by default and opens the Widgets view. Besides the button, the Widgets feature can be open using the Win + W shortcut.


As of the moment of this writing, Widgets appear on the left side of the desktop. You cannot move or resize them.

Windows 11 Widgets On Desktop

Technically, Widgets in Windows 11 resemble the recently added News and Interests feature of Windows 10. They include the same cards like news, weather, sports, and currency rates. So,  the only thing that is different is that Widgets doesn't show the weather forecast on its button.

This post will show you three methods to add or remove the Widgets icon from the taskbar  in Windows 11.

Remove Widgets Taskbar Button in Windows 11

  1. Right-click the Widgets icon in the taskbar.
  2. Select Unpin from taskbar from the menu.Remove Widgets Taskbar Button In Windows 11
  3. The Widgets taskbar button is now removed.

Alternatively, you can use the Settings app to add or remove the news dashboard option.

Add or Remove Widgets Button from Taskbar with Settings

  1. Right-click the Taskbar and select Taskbar settings.
  2. On the taskbar page, go to Taskbar Items and change the Show Widgets button for what you want.Add Or Remove Widgets Button From Taskbar With Settings New
  3. Alternatively, you can press Win + I to open Settings, and navigate to Settings > Personalization > Taskbar.
  4. Turn On  or Off the Show Widgets button, and you are done.

Finally, you can add or remove the Widgets Button from the Windows 11 taskbar in the Registry. The below REG files can save your time and will allow you to configure the feature with one click.

Ready-to-use Registry files

  1. Download this ZIP archive with REG files.
  2. Extract REG files to any folder location of your choice.
  3. Double-click the file Add_Widgets_button_on_taskbar_in_Windows_11.reg​ to enable the button.
  4. The other file, Remove_Widgets_button_on_taskbar_in_Windows_11.reg​, hides the Widgets icon.

You are done.

The files will modify the TaskbarDa DWORD under the key HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Explorer\Advanced

0 = hide the icon
1 = show the widgets icon

Add Or Remove Widgets Button From Taskbar In Registry

It is worth noting that the above changes only affect the current user account. It is a per-user setting.

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