Google Enables Highlight for Snippet Text On Target Web Page

Google makes finding the required information on a target web page much easier. The company rolls out a change that highlights featured snippets in the its search results. Once you open the target page, the featured text will appear in yellow.

Additionally, the page may be automatically scrolled to the featured text, skipping the intro or other content. The presence of the feature is officially confirmed by Google's Danny Sullivan, Neowin reports via Search Engine Land.

According to the source, the feature is active since 2018 for AMP webpages. Now, the company is testing the same option for regular HTML pages. Unfortunately, it is not available here yet. Here are some screenshots that demonstrate the text hightlight feature in action.

Google Featured Snippet Highlight 800x420

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Google Featured Snippet Highlight Page 800x490

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The feature is based on the ScrollToTextFragment, which is a relatively new web technology being developed by the Web Incubator Community Group at W3C. It is a work-in-progress, but it is already available in Edge 83 and Chrome 80 and above. It may or may not work in other Chromium-based browsers as of now.

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1 thought on “Google Enables Highlight for Snippet Text On Target Web Page

  1. bel57

    Thanks for sharing that. Also supported by Lineage OS native browser (org.lineageos.jelly version 9)


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