Fix: Skydrive shows synchronization required for properly synced folder

The SkyDrive web service these days is an important part of the Windows 8.1 experience. It has deep integration with the OS and has become a part of the File Explorer and Modern apps.

Sometimes, usually right after installation, Windows 8.1 shows you the "synchronization in progress" overlay icon for one or several of your Skydrive folders.

Sync Icon


When you look inside the folder, you will be surprised though that all the contents are already synced!

Well, this issue can be easily fixed. Right click on the problematic folder and choose "Make available online-only".

Then sign-out from the Microsoft account.

The next time you sign-in, the problem will be solved.

You can change the folder synchronization state back to the desired one. e.g. you can make it available offline, so even if your PC isn't connected to the Internet, you will be able to browse all files from the folder.


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