Firefox 43 is out, here is everything you need to know

Today, Mozilla Firefox 43 became available for all users of the stable channel of the browser. Along with the stable channel, Beta, Nightly and Developer versions are also getting updated. In this article, we will see what notable changes Mozilla brings to the new version of the browser.


Firefox 43Add-ons signature enforcement
Firefox 43 comes with a strict add-ons signature enforcement. This means that every add-on you use has to be signed by Mozilla. If not, the browser will block such an add-on.addons

In Firefox 43, it is still possible to disable strict signature enforcement. In about:config, you need to find the following preference:


To disable the feature, set this option to false.addons signature

Note that the ability to disable signature enforcement will disappear in future versions. So don't be surprised if your unsigned extensions stop working one day, even if you set xpinstall.signatures.required to false.

Tracking block list
Firefox 43 features a secondary tracking block list. It works in Private Browsing mode. It is intended to prevent the user from being tracked and offer the maximum level of protection. It is assumed that once you start Private browsing, you shouldn't be tracked to identify you personally.

This feature utilizes block lists provided by the "" service and has an option to control how strict it should be.
The basic level of protection allows some trackers which are required for some websites to function properly. Strict protection blocks all known trackers.

The user can switch the protection level by visiting Preferences -> Privacy and clicking "Change Block List".tracking protectionstracking protections listsOther changes
With Firefox 43, the following changes are implemented in addition to the ones mentioned above:

  • Search suggestions for the address bar - work similar to search suggestions you have in the search box in Firefox 42. Requires explicit user confirmation to enable it.suggestions
  • Improved API support for m4v video playback.
  • On-screen keyboard will appear when selecting the input field on a touchscreen device with Windows 8 or Windows 10.

And finally, with this version, 64-bit Firefox is officially available in the stable channel! So everyone who is interested in running 64-bit Firefox can now use it. Keep in mind that it might have issues with plugins you are using. Officially, it supports only Adobe Flash Player and Microsoft Silverlight plugins.

Firefox 43 is also available for Android. It features a Tab Audio indicator to help mobile users quickly identify which tabs produce sounds. It fits in with Android Marshmallow's look and feel.

To download Firefox, use the following links:

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  1. I’d like to know how can i disable speed dial in mozilla. The about:config newtab.url method isnt working, the damn thing is persistent.

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