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As you may remember, Microsoft was working to add their own Translator service as a feature to the Chromium-based Edge browser. With Edge 76.0.144 which was released yesterday, Translator goes live and can be enabled with a special flag.

Microsoft Translator is a multilingual translation cloud service created and maintained by Microsoft. Its engine is used in various products of the company, including Bing, Microsoft Office, Microsoft Edge, Skype, and more.

Speaking of Edge, its 'classic' version doesn't include a native option to translate web pages. Microsoft had released a separate extension to integrate Microsoft Translator with the browser.


Chromium Edge has received a native feature that brings Microsoft Translator to the browser instead of the Google Translator service which is disabled in this new Edge app.

To Enable Translator in Microsoft Edge Chromium,

  1. Update your Edge Canary to version This should be done automatically on your computer.Microsoft Edge Canary Version 76 0 144
  2. Type edge://flags in the address bar.Microsoft Edge Canary Flags Page
  3. Type translate in the flag search box.Microsoft Edge Canary Translate Flag
  4. Enable the Microsoft Edge Translate flag.Microsoft Edge Enable Translator
  5. Restart the browser.

This will add an extra option to the Edge settings page. Now, you can open Settings > Languages and ensure that the toggle option Offer to translate pages that aren’t in a language you read is enabled. In my case, it was enabled by default.Microsoft Edge Enable Translator In Settings

The Microsoft Translator icon appears in the address bar, in the main menu of the browser, and is also available in the context menu of a page. You can use it to translate the pages you browse back and forth.Microsoft Edge Translator Is Enabled

Clicking on the option opens a dialog that allows choosing the desired language to translate the open page. The implementation is similar to Google's native option, the difference is in the backend service only.

Here is everything you need to know about the new Microsoft Edge browser:

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5 thoughts on “Enable Translator in Microsoft Edge Chromium

  1. tukon

    This option not translate each site. Most of the sites are not translated.

  2. Paulo R. Lopes

    Testei a função funcionou corretamente. Agora posso deixar de usar o consumidor compulsivo de ram que é o chrome.

    1. Sergey Tkachenko Post author

      Hi Paulo
      But Edge is ALSO Chromium-based. It is nearly the same as Chrome.

  3. Kamal

    Microsoft Edge now supports translation natively. If you face any issue or have feedback you can directly give a feedback in the browser and they very actively respond!

  4. Max Winkeler

    Cannot translate a whole web page in a foreign language, when the original web site is in English .


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