How to Enable Game Mode in Windows 10

As you may already know, Windows 10 Creators Update will include a special Game Mode, which boosts game performance. Microsoft has explained in detail what it is and how to enable it.


Game Mode is a new feature of Windows 10 Creators Update. When enabled, it boosts the performance and priority of games. The new mode will prioritize CPU and graphics (GPU) resources to make the game run faster and smoother.

There is a new section in Settings called Gaming. It has an Xbox icon and now includes all the settings available earlier in the standalone Xbox app. It should be used to enable Game mode.

To enable Game Mode in Windows 10, do the following.

Open Settings and go to Gaming -> Game Mode.

Windows 10 Gaming CategoryTurn on the option Use Game Mode and you are done!Windows 10 Enable Game Mode

Game Mode can also be enabled for individual apps through the Game bar. You can open Game bar using Win + G shortcut keys.Windows 10 Game Bar Gear Icon

On the Game bar, click on the button with the gear icon and tick the option Use Game Mode for this game. See the screenshot below.Windows 10 Game Mode In Game Bar

Watch the following video to see Game Mode in action.

Once you enable the option, the operating system will dedicate system resources to prioritize the selected game and improve your gaming experience.

Alternatively, you can enable Game Mode in Windows 10 using a Registry tweak.

  1. Open Registry Editor
  2. Go to the following key

    Registry GameBar KeyTip: How to jump to the desired registry key with one click.

  3. Modify or create the 32-bit DWORD value named AllowAutoGameMode.GameBar Create New DwordWindows 10 Enable Game Mode
    Set it to 1 to enable Game Mode
    Set it to 0 to disable Game Mode.

You download ready-to-use Registry files from to apply the tweak described above. Get them here:

Download Registry Files

Initially, Game Mode will recognize only a limited set of games. Some games may have no support for this mode. In the near future, the situation should improve.

It is worth mentioning that besides Game Mode, the new Gaming section of Settings include options to enable or disable the Game bar, configure Game DVR and Broadcasting.

Windows 10 Game Bar Options

Earlier, you had to use the Xbox app and sign-in with your Microsoft account to change these options. It looks like this requirement will now be eliminated.


3 thoughts on “How to Enable Game Mode in Windows 10

  1. Glenn S.

    I found a way to hide “Gaming” on the Windows Settings for users who don’t need that feature.

    Run gpedit.msc then go to Computer Configuration\Administrative Templates\Control Panel
    There is a new setting named : Settings Page Visibility
    That setting with
    Actually hides the whole gaming option.

  2. Abhay

    Nice article !! i was wanted not knowing Game mode can be activated using registry !! thanks for the information

  3. BDK

    Hmm, with creators fall update it just says “this pc supports game mode” … Soooo Microsoft, is it on or off? lol


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