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Edge now displays how much RAM sleeping tabs save

Microsoft Edge has a neat performance-improving tool that puts inactive tabs to sleep to reduce memory footprint and reallocate resources. Hovering the cursor over a sleeping tab also shows estimated performance savings.

In one of the recent updates for Edge Canary, Microsoft has introduced an updated performance flyout that now provides more specific information about how the browser preserves resources.

Clicking the performance button on the toolbar reveals the number of active and sleeping tabs in Microsoft Edge. Users can check memory savings and monitor how web pages strain memory and CPU. The updated flyout also contains a reference to the recently introduced performance detector. The latter monitors how tabs behave in the browser and offers various actions to improve the overall performance.

To access the new performance and efficiency flyout, go to Microsoft Edge settings and enable the performance button on the toolbar. Also, you need to turn on the Sleeping Tabs feature.

It is worth mentioning that Microsoft is rolling out changes in the Edge browser gradually. As of now, the new flyout is available in Edge Canary for a limited number of testers.

In addition to improved performance-preserving features, Microsoft prepares a set of privacy-focused improvements. Edge will soon show how ad providers utilize your personal data to show ads. Also, the browser will warn users when they make typos in websites’ addresses to prevent URL hijacking.

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