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As many products have started doing, Skype has an annoying web-based installer for its Windows desktop version. When you click the download link, you get a small installer stub instead of the full big-sized installer. The web installer downloads the full version of Skype. The web installer shows a marquee-style progress bar with no indication of how much time is left to download and install. Let's see instead how to get the full Skype installer.

Skype's web installer is not an issue for users who want to install it on just one PC, or who have a good Internet connection which is always online. However, there are several cases where you might need the complete, full offline installer for Skype. For example, if you want to download it once and then install it on multiple PCs, it makes no sense to download it individually on every PC. Also, if you have an expensive and limited mobile internet data plan, then again you wouldn't want to download Skype multiple times.

To get the full offline installer for Skype, use the following link:

There is also the Skype for Business MSI Installer. Here is its link:

Both these will directly download the full installer. Bookmark this page so you can directly download the full installer always whenever you have to install Skype on any PC.


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    Skype is a very popular software nowadays. I like skype so much for its clear sound technology and other user-friendly features. thank you for giving the free offline installer of Skype.


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