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Along with Windows 10, Microsoft is also actively developing the next version of its Office suite, which will get version 16 and is likely to be named Office 2016. While many users are trying new builds of Windows 10 available through the Windows Insider program for everyone, not many are aware that they can also try Microsoft Office 16 Preview. Here are the steps you need to do to obtain your copy of Microsoft Office 16 Preview.


Before you proceed, you need to know the following:
  • Microsoft Office 16 Preview cannot be installed alongside any previous version of Microsoft Office.
  • It may contain bugs, as it is not a finished product.
  • You need to use your Microsoft Account, formerly known as Live ID.

Download Microsoft Office 16 Preview

  1. Go to the following web site:
  2. Sign in with your Microsoft Account and click the Product catalog in the "My Dashboard" page:
    Microsoft connect
  3. In the Product catalog, click the link that says "View Connect products currently not accepting feedback" in the bottom left corner:
    View Connect products currently not accepting feedback
  4. Join Microsoft Office Preview program:
    Join Microsoft Office
  5. Enter your Microsoft Account email and proceed to the download page. Use the most recent build available:
    Office 16 downloads
  6. Pick Office 16 Deployment Tool, it is in the file named
    Office 16 Deployment Tool
  7. Extract the ZIP archive and locate the Setup.exe file. For instance, if you extracted the contents to C:\ Drive, Setup.exe is located at the following path:
  8. Create a new empty/text file in the same folder where you have the setup.exe file. Name it configuration.xml. Make sure the extension is not .txt and open it in Notepad. The contents of configuration.xml should be as follows:
    <Configuration><Add SourcePath="C:\OfficeC2R" OfficeClientEdition="32">
        <Product ID="ProPlusRetail">
          <Language ID="en-us" />
        <Product ID="VisioProRetail">
          <Language ID="en-us" />
        <Product ID="ProjectProRetail">
          <Language ID="en-us" />
  9. Now open the command prompt at the C:\v1.06.1\Files\O16\ folder and run the following command:
    setup.exe /download configuration.xml

    You will get Microsoft Office v16.0.3629.1008 or even a more recent version:
    office 16 download

  10. After your download completes, run the following command from the same command prompt to install Office 16:
    setup.exe /configure Configuration.xml

    install Office

  11. You are done:
    Office 16 download installed
    Note that the icons that Setup creates still say "Office 2013". You will find the actual product version in the About/activation dialog which you can access by pressing File button:
    Office 16 version
    Do not forget to share your Office 16 impressions with us using the comment form below. With Office 2013 (Office 15), there were some things that people were not happy with - too much white space in the Ribbon with no dark theme or separating lines between the UI commands, too many distracting animations and blurry font rendering. Others were dissatisfied with the size of Office and its updates (via habr).

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Author: Sergey Tkachenko

Sergey Tkachenko is a software developer who started Winaero back in 2011. On this blog, Sergey is writing about everything connected to Microsoft, Windows and popular software. Follow him on Telegram, Twitter, and YouTube.

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      1. I’m using basically Windows 8.1 home edition(64-bit)
        I using the Windows 10 CZ and EN (too in VM)
        So you using the Russian Win10 (or MUI) for

          1. That “haha” is boring.
            Can you post my desktop into win-review forums? Here’s link:

  1. Ok. I’ve opened tge website which you have mentioned but in these list is misses microsoft office. The question is why?

  2. There’s a Critical Point missing from this item.
    To join the Office 16 preview, MS requires you to sign off on an NDA.

    The key points of the NDA are in Section 3.
    Section 3a of the NDA covers what is regarded as Confidential Information in the NDA.
    Section 3c of the NDA covers where you are not allowed to mention the existence of ANY part of the Confidential Information in the NDA and how long you MUST allow yourself to be Kept Silent By US Law on the matter.

    I’m not signing off on being muzzled about testing an app.

  3. There are no records matching the criteria required ……. in site microsoft connect …. try again …. why ..??

  4. Can anyone who has installed this Office 2016 preview verify if the “blurry font” (ClearType) issue in Office 2013 has been resolved? (I’m really hoping so…)

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