Download Linux Mint 19.3 Wallpapers

How to Download Linux Mint 19.3 Wallpapers

Linux Mint 19.3 "Tricia" features very beautiful wallpapers which many users would be happy to use on their PCs,  e.g. in Windows or in other Linux distro. Here is how to download them.

Wallpapers I am talking about look as follows:Mint 19.3 Backgrounds

The set contains 22 images with beautiful landscapes and nature photos and other amazing pictures which look nice on the desktop.

Arestifo Monte Bregagno Ttucker Japan Rbates Mam Tor Omiche Leysin Linuxmint Mauritius Kyoung Chicago Linuxmint Hawaii Jrinke Florence Juergen Arabia Rbooth Derwent Reservoir Hldinh Ma Pi Leng Pass Jankaluza Daisy Dzawila Hopeful Horizons Bfantinatti Flower Bud Bfantinatti Flower Bbellini Clouds Amarttinen Argentina Arestifo At The Top Aandreyev Coal Agucklhorn Lake Brienz Bfantinatti Night Sky Jbeekhuis Bandon

You can download the whole image set here:

Download Linux Mint 19.3 Wallpapers

The file is a TAR.GZ archive. It can be easily unpacked using any modern archiver app. My favorite tool is 7-zip.

To Download Linux Mint 19.3 Wallpapers,

  1. Download the file using the link above.
  2. Open the file mint-backgrounds-tricia_1.1.tar.gz in 7-zip. There, you will find the file mint-backgrounds-tricia_1.1.tar.Mint 19.3 Wallpapers Extract 1
  3. Double click it to open its contents.Mint 19.3 Wallpapers Extract 2
  4. Go to the folder mint-backgrounds-tricia.Mint 19.3 Wallpapers Extract 3
  5. Open the folder backgrounds.Mint 19.3 Wallpapers Extract 4
  6. Finally, open the folder linuxmint-tricia. There you will find all images included to this release:Mint 19.3 Wallpapers Extract 5

Linux Mint 19.3 has the Tricia code name. This version of the distro comes with Cinnamon 4.4, Xfce 4.14, and MATE 1.22. It includes a number of improvements to Software Manager, backup, system reliability, performance, and the UI.

For reference, see

Linux Mint 19.3 is out, GIMP is not included by default


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  1. Shyam Reddy

    That is a great set! Thanks Sergey! :)

  2. Marko

    Thank you for direct wallpaper link


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