Change Mouse Pointer Color in Windows 10

By default, Windows 10 comes with no custom cursors bundled and uses the same cursors as Windows 8. Users who love customizing their OS might be bored to see the same set of cursors in all recent versions of Windows. To change cursors, you need to download them, extract the files and apply them manually with the Mouse Control Panel or using the Settings app. This has changed with Windows 10 Build 18298.

Starting with Windows 10 Build 18298, it is possible to change the color of the your mouse pointer without installing third-party cursors or apps. There are a number of new options under Ease of Access - Vision section of the Settings app.

Previously, the user could only choose between black and white cursor themes which were included with the OS. The new options will allow you to apply any desired color to the mouse pointer. Here is how it can be done.

To change the mouse pointer color in Windows 10, do the following.

  1. Open the Settings app.Windows 10 Creators Update Settings 15019
  2. Navigate to the Ease of Access category.
  3. Under Vision, select Cursor & pointer on the left.Windows 10 Change Cursor Color 1
  4. On the right, select the new the colorful mouse cursor option.Windows 10 Change Cursor Color 2
  5. Below, you can choose one of the pre-defined colors.
  6. Alternatively, click on the Pick a custom pointer color button to select a color of your choice.Windows 10 Change Cursor Color 3

You can get something like this:

Windows 10 Change Cursor Color 4

Also, the updated options can be used to adjust the mouse pointer size with ease.

Again, you need to be on Windows 10 Build 18298 and above to get the options described above. Otherwise, you will be limited to the traditional black and white cursor themes.

Tip: As you may already know, the option that allows to prevent Windows themes from changing mouse cursors has been removed from the classic Mouse Properties dialog in Windows 10. However, the ability to activate this function is still present in Windows 10 and can be activated with a Registry tweak. See the following article:

Prevent Windows 10 themes from changing mouse cursors

That's it.

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