Removed and deprecated features in Windows 11

Windows 11 is bringing lots of new features to Microsoft's OS. Users will get better performance, significantly improved UI (at least at a glance,) better productivity tools, Android app support, an all-new Store, and many more. As it is usual with every major feature update, new Windows versions take some capabilities away. While lists of removed and deprecated features for Windows 10 updates have been mostly small and insignificant, Windows 11 changes quite a chunk of existing features.

Windows 11 gets an all-new Microsoft Store

Later this year, Microsoft will release Windows 11, a new operating system for more than a billion PCs. Alongside Windows 11, Microsoft will launch an all-new Microsoft Store. Apart from being significantly restyled, the new Microsoft Store brings tons of new policies for third-party developers. Those policies will make submitting and maintaining apps in the Microsoft Store much easier and help developers get more money from their projects.

Widgets in Windows 11 is an extensible AI-powered feed

Winaero readers and Windows enthusiasts already know that Windows 11 comes with a brand new Widgets feature, which is the infamous News and Interests flyout on steroids. Widgets do not appear in the taskbar, instead they run into their own glassy area which can be opened with a hotkey, taskbar button, and swipe from the left.

Windows 11 hardware requirements, 32-bit Windows is no longer a thing

On June 24, 2021, Microsoft unveiled Windows 11 - "the next generation" of Windows. Although we do not have an exact launch date nor the first official build to test, here are Windows 11 minimum hardware requirements. These will let you check whether your computer can run Windows 11 when it comes out somewhere later this year.

Windows 11 will be able to run Android apps

During the curretly ongoing online event, Microsoft announced that Windows 11 will be able to run Android apps natively. In fact, this is not surprising, as we all heard about this upcoming here and there. Finally, the presentation shed some light on this. Now we know that Amazon App store will serve as the app source for the next generation of Windows.

Windows 11 is getting a shiny new modern volume slider

We already know a lot of stuff about the upcoming Windows 11. A recently leaked build revealed some significant changes to the taskbar, Start menu, sounds, windows management, etc. Still, there is so much more to come. Microsoft is about to unveil Windows 11 and all the details about the operating system during the June 24 event, but users are already digging out new and hidden things in the new OS. One of such currently concealed things is an ill-fated volume slider.