Winaero Tweaker 0.12.1 is out with fixes and a couple of new features

Winaero Tweaker 0.12.1 is here. This version comes with two new features, and also includes a number of suggestions made by users since version 0.12 along with adjustments made for Windows 10 version 1809.

Winaero Tweaker for Windows 10 version 1809

Here is a new version of Winaero Tweaker, which follows the release of Windows 10 version 1809. The app comes with a number of options that will be useful for this Windows version. Of course, it still supports Windows 7, Windows 8, and all the previous releases of Windows 10, and features new options and improvements for them too.

Winaero Tweaker 0.10 is ready for Windows 10 version 1803

Winaero Tweaker 0.10 is out. It will allow you to disable Windows Update reliably  in Windows 10, get rid of update notifications, ads in Settings, Timeline and My People. Also, it comes with new tools and tweaks, and it properly works under Windows 10 version 1803 "Spring Creators Update".

How to import and export tweaks you did with Winaero Tweaker

Starting with version 0.8 of Winaero Tweaker, it is possible to import and export the tweaks to a file that you have applied. Once you have exported your changes, you can apply them on another PC or in a different build of the same Windows version! Let's see how it can be done.

Winaero Tweaker 0.8 is out with import and export for tweaks

Winaero Tweaker 0.8 is out! This release is very special for all users of my app. It is the first version to come with the most requested feature - you can now export your changes to a file and import them on another computer or after a build upgrade (hello, Windows Insiders). Besides this feature, there are tons of fixes and new features in Winaero Tweaker 0.8!

Winaero Tweaker released

Winaero Tweaker is out. In this release, I finally added all the features which you requested in the previous version of the app, but were not included because of I did not have time to work on them. These are mostly extra context menu commands. There are some other new features implemented in this release.