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Winamp developers announced a reborn of one of the most iconic music player

Winamp is undoubtedly one of the most iconic and legendary pieces of software. For more than two decades, this llama's ass-whipping app was the default music player for millions of Windows users. Even in a world where everyone uses Apple Music, Spotify, and other streaming services, many die-hard fans continue using Winamp despite the fact that the latest version is almost eight years old (developers released version 5.666 in 2013). Winamp simply refuses to die. Moreover, it is about to receive a new life. Continue reading

WSL gets a new icon and updated Linux kernel in the latest update

Last month, Microsoft released Windows Subsystem for Linux to the Microsoft Store, providing users with a more convenient way to install the subsystem. Previously, to install Windows Subsystem for Linux on Windows, users had to use the not-so-easy to find the "Turn Windows Features on or off" window or the winget package manager in Windows Terminal. Now you can install WSL with a single click in the Microsoft Store. The latest update for the subsystem brings a new icon and Linux kernel. Continue reading

Microsoft Teams gets Meta Workplace integration for cross-platform conferences

Meta (formerly Facebook) announced an integration between Microsoft Teams and Meta Workplace. It will allow employees not only to access content from Workplace without leaving Teams. The first feature is already available. In 2022, users will also be able to create video meetings in Workplace groups using Teams. Continue reading