How to create PDF files natively or turn off print preview in Google Chrome

Did you know that Google Chrome not only can render PDFs natively but also has a built-in feature to create PDF files? You can convert any web page to PDF in Chrome without even having to install any software PDF printer driver. This functionality does not even require any extensions for the browser. Any web page, image or text file can be printed to PDF. Let us see how.

Where to download Google Chrome full offline standalone installer

Recently we covered how to get the full offline installer for popular browsers such as Mozilla Firefox, Opera and Internet Explorer. If you want to download the full installer for Google Chrome, then here's where you can download it.

Is there a way to show tabs on multiple rows in Google Chrome?

After I posted the "How to show tabs on multiple rows in Mozilla Firefox" article, some readers emailed me how to get the same feature in Google Chrome, which seems to be an equally popular browser these days.

Well, let's see how to improve your tabbed browser experience in Google Chrome!

How to disable search on the ‘New tab’ page in Google Chrome

Certain versions of Google Chrome for Windows as well as Android have recently rolled out an updated "New tab" page which has a prominent Google Search box on the page. Google claims they made this change because users were not discovering that they could search from the address bar and still used to go to to search.

However, if you are not happy with the "Search" text box above the thumbnails of the most visited sites,  you might want to disable it. The good old "New tab" feature had some really useful features like recently closed tabs including tabs from other devices. If you are interested in getting those features back, here are simple instructions on how to disable Search on the 'New tab' page in Google Chrome.

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