Save memory in Chrome by running tabs for same site in single process

The Google Chrome browser, which is the most popular web browser as of this writing, launches each tab in its own process by default. This improves the stability of the browser, but makes the browser consume a higher amount of memory. If you need to save RAM, there is an option to make the browser use a single chrome.exe process per website. Here is how to make it work.

Chrome OS will get the ability to run Android apps from Google Play

Google has announced that in the near future Chrome OS will get support for Google Play. This means that the entire collection of Android apps will be accessible in Chrome OS. Google recommends developers to optimize their apps for Chromebook devices and its screens and hardware. The ability to install Android apps from Google Play will be disabled out the box. The user will need to turn on a special option in Chrome OS settings.

Automatically mute inactive tabs in Google Chrome

When you are browsing the web, you may be opening multiple tabs and it is very annoying when a tab which is in the background starts playing audio suddenly without even it being focused. While you can either completely mute your system volume, it is not convenient to do so and unmute it every time you need to listen to something. While you can mute only the tab playing the audio, you still have to locate it and then mute it. A Chrome extension instead handles this automatically muting all background tabs and keeping the active tab's audio unmuted.

Chrome 49 brings interesting user interface changes

If Google Chrome is your favorite browser, you might be interested in knowing that some minor, but useful changes will come to the stable channel of the browser. While playing with the beta version of Chrome, which is at version 49 as of this writing, we spotted these UI changes. Let's explore them.

Google Chrome will get an improved Brotli compression algorithm

Today, developers from Google announced a new feature which has already arrived to the Canary channel of the Chrome browser. A new compression algorithm, called "Brotli", was added to the browser. It will work with HTTPS connections and will be much more efficient than existing compression features in Google Chrome.

How to delete a single URL or suggestion entry from Google Chrome’s address bar dropdown

In Google Chrome, when you start typing anything in the address bar, it remembers that. Whether it is a URL/website address or some search term that you typed, Google Chrome will remember it. What is not made clear by Chrome's developers is how to remove these entries without clearing the browsing history. Let's see how it can be done.

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