Change Download Folder in Google Chrome

In Google Chrome, you can change the download folder even though it does not ask you each time where to save a file. By default, the browser is using the Downloads folder in your user profile, which is also visible in the navigation pane of File Explorer and in the This PC folder. Here is how you can change it.

Export Saved Google Chrome Passwords to a File

By default, Google Chrome doesn't allow you to export saved passwords to a file. The browser can save them, and they will be available in the current profile or synced across your devices if you have enabled it. But there is also a way to export saved passwords to a file.

Run Google Chrome with different profiles

Google Chrome is the most popular web browser which exists for all major platforms like Windows, Android and Linux. It comes with a powerful rendering engine which supports all modern web standards. You might want to setup a few profiles to separate your browsing tasks. In this article, we'll see how to run Google Chrome with different profiles.

Fix: Chrome does not play important video content

Today, I faced a strange issue with Google Chrome. During my English class, the browser decided to not play a video from BBC's "Learning English" page. This happened in 64-bit Windows 7 running 32-bit Google Chrome. Here is how I was able to solve the issue.

Chrome becomes faster on Windows with Profile Guided Optimization

Google Chrome on Windows was criticized many times for its enormous RAM usage and crashes when there were a lot tabs open. Moreover Google never admitted the problem and continued to improve other aspects of the browser not taking into account the performance, and making only small changes and optimizations that weren't enough. However, with the recent releases of Chrome 53 for 64-bit Windows systems and Chrome 54 for 32-bit Windows, Google claims to have finally improved its performance significantly.

Make screenshot of web page with device frame in Chrome

A lesser known feature of Google Chrome on Desktop operating systems is the ability to capture a screenshot of an opened page as if the screenshot taken was of the browser running on a mobile device. It can even add a frame around the screenshot so it looks like a realistic photo of a smartphone. Here is how it can be done.

Find out Google Chrome version without checking for updates

Every time you open the Help - About page in Google Chrome, the browser starts updating itself. This is not convenient because you may be using your internet connection for something else at that time. It might be inconvenient if you only wanted to see the installed version but not update Chrome at that time. Here is a little trick which will allow you to bypass the update check.

Disable Material Design in Google Chrome

Starting with version 52, Google Chrome is using the Material Design UI enabled by default. While some users like this change, other would like to disable it as they do not like the appearance at all. They want to revert it to the good old look of the browser. Here is how to do that.

Save memory in Chrome by running tabs for same site in single process

The Google Chrome browser, which is the most popular web browser as of this writing, launches each tab in its own process by default. This improves the stability of the browser, but makes the browser consume a higher amount of memory. If you need to save RAM, there is an option to make the browser use a single chrome.exe process per website. Here is how to make it work.

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