Move tabs and address bar in Firefox to the bottom with Bottom UI

Some time ago I covered a trick which allows you to move tabs to the bottom in Mozilla Firefox. In that article, I used the awesome Classic Theme Restorer add-on. I was a fan of the classic Opera browser which had a fully customizable UI and I appreciate having the same ability in Firefox to be able to modify its look with the help of add-ons. One such addon is Bottom UI. It is a very interesting extension for Firefox. Let's take a look at what it offers to the end user.

Open the Firefox profile folder or any other folder right from the Firefox browser

Mozilla Firefox has several useful built-in commands as part of its console. Let's continue exploring them. Earlier, I reviewed the awesome screenshot command which allows you to take a screenshot of a page, or a specific element of the page, or the entire browser window. Today, we will play with the folder command which can be used to open various folders directly from the Firefox browser including the browser's profile folder.

Enable the Update Badge in Firefox

As you might be knowing, Mozilla Firefox can update itself automatically. If you didn't change the default settings when you installed it, it will be configured to check for updates periodically and install them, so you will always have an up-to-date browser. However, there is no clear indication that an update is available for Firefox until you restart it, so Mozilla has finally added a special badge to indicate that updates are available for Firefox. The update badge is disabled by default. Here is how to enable it.

How to take a screenshot of the opened page in Firefox without using addons

I would like to share with you several useful built-in commands in Mozilla Firefox which can increase your productivity and save your time. For such tasks, Firefox has dozens of addons, but not many users know that it is possible to execute simple commands in Firefox to do them. We will start with a simple tutorial on how to take a screenshot of the opened page without using any add-ons.

Firefox Nightly: Fix “Oops! your browser seems to have cookies disabled” error with Google services

I have three versions of the Firefox browser installed simultaneously, including Firefox stable branch, Nightly and a special UX build. I use Nightly for my regular browsing tasks very often. Yesterday, I noticed that the browser was preventing me from using the Google +1 service and Gmail as well and Google was showing me the following error message: Oops! your browser seems to have cookies disabled. Make sure cookies are enabled or try opening a new browser window. I had not changed any settings and cookies were enabled, however, the error still continued to occur. Here is how I fixed it.

How to select text inside a hyperlink without opening the link in Firefox

Every browser has features to make it easier to do basic tasks such as selecting and copying text. Firefox has a special feature for selecting a portion of hyperlinked text. Sometimes when browsing the web using Firefox, you need to select some text on a web page, often some words or a phrase inside a longer sentence. It is no problem selecting it if that text is not hyperlinked to open another page. However if the text is hyperlinked, then when you try to select the text, especially a single word or a phrase, you may end up unintentionally opening the hyperlink. You can easily select the whole link text but it's not easy to select a part of the hyperlinked text. Here is a native solution for Firefox users on both Windows and Linux. This special feature of Firefox will allow to you to precisely select exactly the text you want.

How to run Firefox in private browsing mode from the command line or a shortcut

Private browsing mode is a feature of the Firefox browser designed to not record the history of your web surfing. When you open a new private window, Firefox does not retain cookies, temporary internet files, history, and other data related to your browsing activities. When the Private browsing session window is closed, this data is cleared. Additionally, Firefox will reset the clipboard content for better privacy. Private Browsing mode can be activated in settings, there you can enable it permanently so Firefox always runs in private mode. However, you might want to run it usually in normal mode and only have a shortcut instead to run Firefox in private mode.

Disable and remove the search box from the new tab page in Firefox

Mozilla released a new stable version of the Firefox browser for desktop (Windows, Mac and Linux) and mobile (Android) platforms. In desktop version of Firefox 31, there is a search box that has been added to the New Tab Page. But Firefox already has a dedicated search box. If you found the search box on the New Tab page redundant, you can remove it. Just follow these simple instructions.

Disable safe browsing and prevent Firefox from sending downloaded file info to Google

I have noticed that with the upcoming Firefox 32, which is currently in Nightly state, the browser will use Google's safe browsing database to check files you have downloaded from the Internet. For every executable file you download, Firefox will perform a check against the online database which is provided by Google. The current version of Firefox 31 also ships with a similar option, but it uses a local database and does not send any request to Google's sites. Firefox 32 will continue to use the local database, however, if the downloaded file isn't found in the local database, Firefox will send the information to Google. You might be interested in disabling this behavior due to privacy concerns. Here's how you can turn it off.

Several useful Firefox hotkeys everyone should know

Firefox is a very powerful browser which supports a number of plugins and has lots of settings and tricks. Like every other powerful tool, it supports hotkeys to improve usablity and speed up regular browsing activities. I would like to share my list of must-have hotkeys which can be helpful in almost all browsing scenarios.