How to show tabs on multiple rows in Mozilla Firefox

Personally I prefer to use Mozilla Firefox web browser at work and at home. I switched to Firefox when the Opera browser switched to using Google Chrome's "Blink" engine. I missed the flexibility and speed of classic Opera in the new version and so I switched to Firefox. I found that flexibility in Firefox, and so now, it is my primary web browser.

I work on the web daily and very intensively. As a result of my activity, usually I have a number of tabs open in the browser at any moment. The default Firefox layout has all the tabs placed on a single row. This is not flexible enough for power users like me. So I decided to try to make the tabs spread across multiple rows. This reduces clutter on one row and is very useful for me. Follow the instructions below to make your Firefox browser show tabs on multiple rows.

How to disable JavaScript in Firefox 23 and above

The Mozilla team, which develops the popular Firefox browser, introduced new simplified browser settings with the release of version 23.  One of the settings which disappeared from the user interface is the one to control JavaScript. In previous versions of the browser, you were able to enable or disable JavaScript with a simple checkbox. But, starting with version 23, Firefox does not have it any more. Mozilla claims that most modern websites are unusable without JavaScript.

Today we will look at why you might want to disable JavaScript in Firefox and how you do it.

How to disable the built-in PDF viewer in Firefox

Firefox 19 comes with a built-in PDF viewer. It looks like this:

PDF viewer in Firefox

Although I like this new feature, because it works fast and looks smooth, you might want to disable it for whatever reason (for example, if the full PDF is not rendered perfectly) . Read below to see how.