Mozilla has postponed add-ons signature requirement till Firefox 46

As you might be knowing, Mozilla was going to remove the option xpinstall.signatures.required from about:config in Firefox 44. Once this option would have been removed, the user would have been unable to bypass the digital signature enforcement for add-ons. Mozilla has changed their mind and decided to keep the option till the Firefox 46 release.

Firefox will get Load Temporary add-ons feature

As you may already know, Firefox 44 and above won't allow you to run unsigned add-ons. Mozilla developers decided to remove the ability to disable the signature enforcement, which can still be disabled in Firefox 43. However, it was announced that the stable branch of Firefox will get a new option which will allow the user to temporarily load unsigned extensions.

Firefox will get a new extensions API, without backward compatibility

Mozilla developers have announced that in Firefox 45, a new implementation of the API for browser extensions will be added. It is called WebExtensions and uses native HTML technology. WebExtensions will make it possible to create extensions compatible with Google Chrome and vice versa.

Force touch keyboard to appear in Firefox

With Firefox 43, Mozilla added detection of touchscreen devices. If Firefox is running on a touchscreen device, every time a text field gets focus via a touchscreen, the touch keyboard appears. If you are interested in testing this feature but you don't have a touchscreen device yet, you can force the Firefox browser to show the on-screen keyboard anyway.

How to disable and uninstall Firefox Hello add-on

Mozilla has made Firefox Hello, its WebRTC-based communication feature as a system addon. This change should come to the stable channel of Firefox with version 45. If you have no use for Firefox Hello, you might want to disable it. However, it is not clear or obvious how to do that so let me show you.

Enable unsigned add-ons disabled by Firefox 43

As I installed Firefox 43 on all my PCs, it disabled some add-ons on my laptop. This is because of the new requirement that all addons be signed by Mozilla. If any of your favorite add-ons stopped working because of this signature enforcement added to Firefox 43, here is what you can do.

Firefox 43 is out, here is everything you need to know

Today, Mozilla Firefox 43 became available for all users of the stable channel of the browser. Along with the stable channel, Beta, Nightly and Developer versions are also getting updated. In this article, we will see what notable changes Mozilla brings to the new version of the browser.

Firefox 44 introduces a “Do not disturb” mode

The upcoming Mozilla Firefox 44 web browser, which is available in the Nightly channel at the moment of this writing, features a new option called "Do not disturb". It is a feature intended to postpone pop-up notifications from websites which the user has otherwise allowed to show.

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