Wuapp.exe is missing in Windows 10

A number of users are asking what happened to the good old wuapp.exe file in Windows 10. The application can't be found any more. In earlier versions of Windows, wuapp.exe could be used to quickly open Windows Update from the command line or from the Start Menu. Here is what you can do about the missing wuapp.exe in Windows 10.

With Windows 10, Microsoft has removed the Wuapp.exe file from Windows 10. So, you cannot use it any more to open Windows Update settings. Instead you can use these commands:



control.exe /name Microsoft.WindowsUpdate

Both will open the following page of the settings app:Windows update page in the settings app

The first command is a new way to open the Settings app pages directly. See the following article for more commands and info:

How to open various Settings pages directly in Windows 10

Neither of these command is easy to remember plus if you are used to typing wuapp in the Run dialog, you can do the following.

Create a new batch file with the following contents:

start "" ms-settings:windowsupdate

create wuapp batch fileSave it as wuapp.bat and place into the C:\Windows directory.

cut wuapp batch filepaste wuapp batch file 1 paste wuapp batch file 2Any Start Menu, whether it's the built-in one or Classic Shell's menu should find it when you type wuapp.wuapp start menu

The result will be as follows:

Windows 10 wuapp

5 thoughts on “Wuapp.exe is missing in Windows 10

  1. GenialityOfEvil

    Did you see this? http://www.winbeta.org/news/cortana-always-windows-10-anniversary-update-ok
    They’re removing the option to fully disable Cortana, all you can do is hide it.

      1. GenialityOfEvil

        Oh cool, I’m using the tweaker anyway.

  2. David H Johnson

    All you need to do is open settings, right click on Update & Security, and select Pin to Start. Done.

    1. Sergey Tkachenko Post author

      Good tip David. Thanks.


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