WhatsApp for Windows Phone updated with new UI features

WhatsApp for Windows Phones is still an old app built originally for Windows Phone 8, which means it's a Silverlight app and may be discontinued in the next Windows 10 Mobile release. However this fact isn't stopping the devs from bringing more features to the current version of the app. A few days ago, WhatsApp for Windows Phone received another update, version, which brings some additions that were in testing in the beta version of the app.

Whatsapp UWP
The latest update brings the ability to share your location in real time for a limited period of time. This feature works similar to the one available in the latest Facebook Messenger so its users will be familiar with how it works.

Other minor changes include the ability to pin any conversation to the top of the chat list (yep, just like in Telegram) and an option to preview received video content before its completely downloaded.

This update is only available for the Windows Phone version of the app, while the desktop version is in the Windows Store but as a web wrapper app.

You can download the latest WhatsApp for Windows Phone from the Windows Store.

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