Vivaldi Now Follows System Dark Theme (Dev Snapshot)

Yet another exciting change in the innovative Vivaldi browser has arrived in the pre-release branch of the browser. The snapshot version 1732.13 can now automatically switch its theme from light to dark and vice versa, following the appropriate option in Personalization of Windows 10.

As you may remember, Vivaldi supports automatic theme changing since version 1.4. However, this feature was limited to the built-in themes only.

Vivaldi extends this functionality with the native dark theme support, which now works on Windows and macOS. There is a new option that can be enabled under Settings → Themes → Scheduled Themes → Use Operating System Theme.

Vivaldi Switch Theme Natively

There, you can specify which theme Vivaldi should use with the Light OS theme, and which theme should be used when dark mode is active in the OS.

Here's how it looks in action:

Vivaldi Switch Theme Natively

Other major changes in this build include:

  • Chromium 79.
  • Internal resource optimization, so the installation package is now smaller, but certain images or buttons may appear broken.

Known Issues

  • Characters can be lost when quickly typing in the address field, after opening a new Speed Dial
  • [Linux] Dead bird sometimes shows on exit

Download (1732.13)

Check out the official announcement for the complete change log.

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  1. Shyam Reddy

    Thanks Sergey! This doesnot interest me but glad development is active and kicking. :)


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