Vivaldi is getting a color picker for themes

A new weekly release of the innovative Vivaldi browser comes with a new interesting feature. In addition to recently added colorful themes, version 1.3.519.25 adds a color picker feature to quickly define your own themes.

To try out this feature, you need to open the browser's preferences and go to Themes: Vivladi themes

Click the plus button to define your own theme: Vivladi define new theme

Then, click the color box for any theme element. For example, when I click the "Background" color box, the color picker appears on the screen and allows defining a new color without learning HTML color codes. Vivladi color picker in action

This is a small but really useful change that will allow users who are not familiar with HTML to save their time and avoid using online services or third party tools.

You can download Vivaldi 1.3.519.25 here:

Other changes include:

Source: Vivaldi blog

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