Vivaldi 1.3.501.6 features customizable interface themes

A new weekly build of Vivaldi, version 1.3.501.6, brought an unexpected pleasant surprise for all its users. Starting with this version, the browser adds support for customizable themes.

vivaldi 1.3 Once installed, Vivaldi 1.3 demonstrates the themes feature from the updated welcome screen: vivaldi 1.3 welcome page

In settings, the user can pick one of the pre-defined themes:

vivaldi 1.3 themes Light theme

vivaldi 1.3 light theme Dark theme

vivaldi 1.3 dark theme

Subtle theme vivaldi 1.3 subtle theme

Redmond theme vivaldi 1.3 redmond theme

Human (ubuntu-like) theme vivaldi 1.3 human ubuntu theme

Hot pink theme vivaldi 1.3 hot pink theme

Blue print theme vivaldi 1.3 blue print theme

It is possible to add a custom theme. When you add a new theme in settings, it inherits the currently used theme's colors and options, which can also be useful when you need to tweak one of the predefined themes: vivaldi 1.3 custom theme 1 vivaldi 1.3 custom theme 2

That's it. You can download Vivaldi 1.3.501.6 here:

The complete change log is HERE.

What do you think about this new feature of Vivaldi? Do you like its new themes? Tell us in comments.

1 thought on “Vivaldi 1.3.501.6 features customizable interface themes

  1. anonymous

    I like these new themes very much!


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