Vivaldi Android Receives Built-in Ad Blocker (Dev Snapshot)

A new developer snapshot of Vivaldi Android has introduced the long awaited feature  - the built-in ad blocker. The app has received it, following the Desktop version of Vivaldi.

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Similarly to the desktop app, Vivaldi Android now allows you to set the Tracker and ad Blocker option to one of the these modes:

  • No Blocking
  • Block Trackers
  • Block Trackers and Ads

The options can be found in app settings.

Vivaldi Android Ad Blocker

As of Vivaldi Android snapshot 1864.3, the option can be configured for web sites individually, but cannot fine grain turned with custom ad subscription lists, like it is possible in Vivaldi for Windows.

Some time ago the team behind the innovative Vivaldi browser launched a counterpart project for Android. The browser is now available as a beta app on Google Play. Also, the team releases a 'snapshot' version of the Android app that includes all the recent changes and bleeding edge features.

Similarly to the desktop version of Vivaldi, Android snapshots will allow you to test cutting edge builds of the app. They can be installed alongside the Beta/Final and have its own set of preferences and settings.

You can install Vivaldi Android Snapshot to preview upcoming changes, and to help the team to test the quality of the latest fixes and improvements, before they reach the Beta or Final branch of the app.

Google Play Store page:

Alternative downloads available in the official announcement.

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