Vivaldi 2.12 Becomes Vivaldi 3.0 with Further Ad Blocker and Popout Video Improvements

The team behind the impressive Vivaldi browser is working hard to make the upcoming Vivaldi version app even better. Recent dev snapshots have introduced a number of improvements made to the ad blocker and popout video, including markup space hiding for blocked ads. Also, the upcoming app will become Vivaldi 3.0, increasing the major version number from 2.12.

As you may remember, Vivaldi 3.0 / formerly 2.12 will include a native ad blocker tool, which is part of the tracker blocker feature of the browser.

Starting in Vivaldi Dev Snapshot 1848.4,  the user can set Tracker Blocker to

  • No Blocking
  • Block Trackers
  • Block Trackers and Ads

The latter option allows connecting custom ad blocking subscription, and also includes most popular subscription available out of the box - this is very useful.

Vivaldi Ad Blocker Ad Subscriptions

The tracking protection and ad blocking can be enabled globally for all web sites you visit, or can be turned on or off for individual web sites via the shield icon in the address bar.
Vivaldi Ad Blocker 1

Element hiding in the blocker

Starting with the developer snapshot 1874.30, Vivaldi will try to hide elements broken by blocking rules. Blocked elements can sometimes leave pages looking incompletely loaded.

Vivaldi on Android has received the same option in dev snapshot 1882.3. It adds information for blocked ads and trackers to the shield icon popup, and automatically hides blocked elements.

Popout video

Vivaldi 3.0 has received a number of improvements to the Popout video progress bar. It now shows a tooltip when hovering progress bar in Picture-in-Picture, showing the video position for a click. There are also a bugfixes for and other streaming platforms, and lengthy videos.

The latest dev snapshot as of now is 3.0.1874.5. It can be downloaded from the official announcement page:

Download Vivaldi 3.0.1874.5

Besides the changes mentioned above, the snapshot is notable for being built on top of Chromium 81.0.4044.114.

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  1. Shyam Reddy

    Thanks Sergey! 3.0 was widely anticpated for built in mail client but I guess that is no where on charts for near future.


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