Vivaldi 1.0.212 is released

A new weekly build of the innovative browser, Vivaldi is out. This time it is Vivaldi 1.0.212. This version includes several usability improvements like a new feature enhancement to popular mouse gestures and many fixes for the most frequently reported bugs from the last released build. Let's take a closer look.

vivaldi 212The first notable change is related to extensions. After the improvements developers made to the browser, it is possible to install and use the popular AdBlock extension. It finally works.
To access the extensions page in Vivaldi, you can simply type the following text in the address bar:


Next, Vivaldi 1.0.212 comes with keyboard activated mouse gestures. This means that now you can press the Alt key instead of the right mouse button.
Besides these, you will be glad to know that the following issues were fixed:

  • A bug which caused a blank extensions page.
  • Several bugfixes to tabs.
  • Bugfixes in the search field.
  • In Linux, font colors are improved for tabs with a dark color scheme.

That's it. You can download Vivaldi 1.0.212 using the following links:

Download Vivaldi 1.0.212

The complete change log looks as follows:

2 thoughts on “Vivaldi 1.0.212 is released

  1. Jose_49

    And I was having this version since Yesterday and din’t know about the ALT and the extensions! A billion thank you! :D :D

    1. Sergey Tkachenko Post author

      you are welcome


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