Vivaldi is out with color schemes and tab switching using mouse scroll

The weekly build of the revolutionary Vivaldi browser was issued a bit late this week. Instead of Monday, developers released it only yesterday due to serious bugs which they fixed before rolling out the build to the public. Vivaldi features several improvements and interesting interface changes. Let's see what is new.

vivaldi color schemes settings

Color schemes

Vivaldi comes with the ability to change the color scheme of the browser. Currently, only light and dark themes are available, and you can still disable the active tab's coloring.

vivaldi color schemes By changing these options, you can achieve a nice look:


Keyboard shortcuts

Many users like to control the browser by using the keyboard. Keyboard shortcuts are time-saving and more convenient than mouse movements. Vivaldi comes with an extended shortcuts lists. It's settings related to keyboard shortcuts also got updated. Now shortcuts are grouped by category: vivaldi color keyboard settings

Besides these, Vivaldi got a "Keyboard Cheat Sheet", a special window where you can quickly see which keyboard shortcuts are assigned for which action. You can open it using the Ctrl + F1 keyboard shortcut:

vivaldi keyboard cheat sheet

Tab switching using the mouse scroll wheel and other mouse-related features

This new build finally comes with the ability to switch between opened tabs by scrolling the mouse wheel. It was requested by many users and now it is available in the Windows, Linux and Mac OS X builds.
To check out this feature, hover over any tab with the mouse pointer and scroll the mouse wheel.
Additionally, if you press and hold the right mouse button while scrolling the wheel, you will be able to switch between tabs in both directions.
Linux users can use the advanced mouse buttons to navigate through the browser's history.

Unfortunately, besides these new changes, Vivaldi also has some known bugs:

  • The default keyboard shortcut for the "Cheat sheet" might not work on some keyboard layouts — you can change it in preferences.
  • No menu item for "Cheat Sheet" on Linux and Mac OS X
  • The Extensions manager is blank. Installed extensions will continue to work
  • Copy and paste in the bookmarks manager may not work
  • Thumbnail tabs on the left have some issues
  • Manually checking for autoupdate can fail. Restart the browser and wait and autoupdate should work.

That's it. You can download Vivaldi using the following links:

The complete change log looks as follows:Show/Hide

7 thoughts on “Vivaldi is out with color schemes and tab switching using mouse scroll

  1. Karim

    I think it’s a bit idiot to release this browser now. Everybody is waiting for Microsoft Edge.

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    1. Sergey Tkachenko Post author

      hahaha, no, it is a bit idiot to wait MS Edge. It is SHIT. Edge can’t even be compared to Vivaldi

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  2. Dilbert

    …eeehhh, this is just a weekly development snapshot … (work-in-progress).
    A beta release is expected within the next 2 or 3 months.
    V1.0 is expected early next year….

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  3. Jose_49

    Wooohoooo. Didn’t know Vivaldi released weekly updates! Thanks a billion! This will be the best browser out there once they squash some pesky performance issues.

    Again, thanks for the update. Will be updating now!

    I’m really glad they added a dark and light theme. There are many sites that make the browser ugly due to the color palette.

    This is getting better and better with each release :D

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    1. Jose_49

      Holy crap! I just updated the browser! Think this will be my new main! From my prev version this is much much faster. We’re almost at the sweet spot!

      Also, scaling the UI is awesome too!

      I’m freaking excited and glad that these people started doing this. I was really really missing the old Opera with all of its features.

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      1. Sergey Tkachenko Post author

        same here. Vivladi is great

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        1. Jose_49

          Seems there’s a new update!!! Feeling very fluid and fast!

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