Vivaldi features improved hotkeys, spatial navigation and a few other interesting changes

Yesterday, the Vivaldi team rolled out a new weekly build of their revolutionary web browser. Unlike the previous release, this one does not come with lots of changes. However, a few changes and bug fixes are very interesting. Let's explore them.

vivaldi version Vivaldi developers are working hard on improving spatial navigation. Maybe the changes at this moment may not be noticeable to the average user, but they have already been implemented in Vivaldi

spatial navigation

The second change is that there have been several bug fixes and improvements to hotkey options. Vivaldi comes with lesser bugs in keyboard shortcuts and is more usable. Try to assign hotkeys yourself.

vivaldi hotkeys The address bar has got a "Paste and go" context menu item.

vivaldi paste and go

The x64 Windows build got a working implementation of the auto-update feature. For Mac OS X, the Command + T shortcut does not open two tabs unintentionally any more. That bug is fixed.

You can download Vivaldi using these links:

The complete change log looks as follows: Click here to see

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