There is another serious bug in Windows 10 version 1809

Windows 10 version 1809 seems to be a very bug-ridden, unfortunate release of the OS. After being rolled out, its users have run into various issues. Some of them are minor, like the driver issue for Intel audio users, but others were really serious and caused data loss, so Microsoft temporarily stopped redistribution of the October 2018 Update. There is another bug discovered in the OS that also causes data loss.

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While Microsoft has already fixed most of the issues reported after release, there is a new bug in File Explorer that may damage your files. If you use the built-in ZIP feature of File Explorer which is called Compressed Folders, you can lose data when extracting files.

The Compressed Folders feature in Windows 10 version 1809 doesn’t prompt the user when you move files or folders out of a ZIP file if those files and folders already exist in the target location. Instead, it just overwrites the originals silently.

Like the previous bug, this new one was also reported by Insiders a long time ago. Unfortunately, nobody paid proper attention to these reports, so the issue reached the production branch.

Additionally, Reddit users report that drag and drop operation is also broken for Compressed Folders. When the user drags a file out of a ZIP archive, File Explorer displays a progress dialog and is expected to update the destination files, but the files stay untouched in the destination folder.

The built-in ZIP archive feature appears to be completely broken in the October 2018 Update.

Despite issues like this which cause data loss, it is not clear when the fixed version of the OS will include a patch for this issue. If you are already on Windows 10 version 1809, it may be a good idea to stop using the ZIP archive feature in favor of a third-party solution like 7-Zip. Also, it might be a good idea to rollback the upgrade and go back to a previous Windows version until all the issues are discovered and fixed.

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Clearly, Microsoft has not tested Windows 10 version 1809 properly and until all the bugs have been discovered, it may not be safe to use the latest version of the OS. You are better off delaying the update for a few months before installing it.

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  1. Jimmy S.

    Wow, again? This is by far the worst version of Windows ever. I’m tired of having to deal with a buggy and broken OS. Either Microsoft should have more employees to test out the OS like in previous versions or scrap Windows 10 altogether.


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