Skype for Linux Alpha 1.9 is out

A new version of Skype Alpha for Linux was released today by Microsoft. The new Skype for Linux is a completely redesigned app which has nothing common with the previously available Skype 4.3. The application is in an early development stage and it lacks some basic features like video calling or screen sharing. Let's see what is new in this release.

Skype for Linux Alpha 1.9 comes with a dark theme and makes it possible to mute notifications. The change log looks as follows:

  • Added the ability to mute notifications from specific conversation
  • Added dark theme support (Settings-> Personalisation-> Dark theme)
  • Added the option to disable emoticons completely
  • Added support for /me command
  • Added support for system HTTPS proxy
  • Improved message quoting – now works even with Ctrl + C
  • Hovering message time reveals the full date / time as a tooltip
  • Electron update to 1.3.6
  • Logger performance and security fixes

Download Skype for Linux Alpha 1.9

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