Microsoft rebrands Xamarin Studio as Visual Studio for Mac

Earlier today, Microsoft announced that its own Integrated Development Environment (IDE), Visual Studio, is now available on macOS. This is made possible by the joint effort between the Visual Studio for Windows team and Xamarin which Microsoft acquired earlier this year. The new Visual Studio for Mac is based on the existing Xamarin Studio and MonoDevelop IDEs and has all of its features while the UI and UX improvements are coming from 'classic' Visual Studio.


The announcement was somewhat expected after Microsoft bought Xamarin and introduced more cross-platform developer tools like Visual Studio Code. The new Visual Studio for Mac has the same features developers like, including IntelliSense, Roslyn Compiler Platform, NuGet Package Manager and support for Xamarin and .NET Core debugging engines.

Unfortunately not all of the typical project types are supported right now. With the initial release of Visual Studio for Mac, you can create native iOS, Android and Mac apps and also use it for server development with .NET Core, ASP.NET Core Web and Azure integration. The C# and F# programming languages are supported as well.

You can read more about this release in the official MSDN Magazine article about it while Setup files will be available directly at

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  1. sketch

    Official MSDN page has been removed. But it is a great news.


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