Keyboard shortcuts in WhatsApp for Desktop

WhatsApp developers have released the long awaited desktop version of the popular messenger. If you installed and used it, you might be interested in learning its keyboard shortcuts. These hotkeys can help you save time and increase productivity. Here we go.

whatsapplogo banner 2 The released app is very basic - for example, it does not support voice calls and is just a wrapper for the web version. The list of supported operating systems is also limited: Windows 10 and Windows 8 only. However, it is possible to run WhatsApp on Windows 7. Also, the application is currently not compatible with 32-bit Windows versions, as noted in this article: WhatsApp Installer has failed. There was an error while installing the application.

You can use the following keyboard shortcuts in WhatsApp:

Ctrl + N : start new chat

Ctrl + Shift + ] : next chat

Ctrl + Shift + [ : previous chat

Ctrl + E : archive chat

Ctrl + Shift + M : mute

Ctrl + Backspace : delete chat

Ctrl + Shift + U : mark as unread

Ctrl + Shift + = : zoom in

Ctrl + 0 : default zoom level

Ctrl + - : zoom out

Ctrl + Shift + N : create new group

Ctrl + P : open profile status

Ctrl + Z : undo

Ctrl + Shift + Z : redo

Ctrl + X : cut

Ctrl + C : copy

Ctrl + V : paste

Ctrl + A : select all

Ctrl + F : search

Alt + F4 : exit app

Bookmark this page if you can't remember all of them so you can refer to it every time you want to learn a new hotkey. That's it.

2 thoughts on “Keyboard shortcuts in WhatsApp for Desktop

  1. Luiz Cláudio

    Thank you guys so much!

    I had zoom in without intention and I could not recover the normal size of the letter without your tips =D

    1. Sergey Tkachenko Post author

      You are welcome :)


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