Hide Removable Drives From Navigation Pane in Windows 10

With Windows 10, Microsoft added removable drives directly to the left pane of File Explorer called the "Navigation pane". This change is intended to speed up access to your flash drives and external drives as you don't need to expand the 'This PC' folder any more. However, some users might prefer the older behavior where all drives are grouped under 'Computer'/'This PC'. In that case, you would want to hide removable drives in the File Explorer's Navigation Pane in Windows 10. While Windows 10 does not offer any settings to hide removable drives, here is a simple Registry tweak which will allow you to do it.

The Navigation pane is a special area on the left of File Explorer which shows the folders and system places like This PC, Network, Libraries and so on. The user is not allowed to customize the Navigation Pane because the user interface lacks the required options. In our case, we need to apply a Registry tweak to customize it.

To hide removable drives from the Navigation Pane in Windows 10, follow the instructions below.

  1. Open Registry Editor.
  2. Go to the following Registry key:

    Tip: See How to jump to the desired Registry key with one click.

  3. Rename the subkey {F5FB2C77-0E2F-4A16-A381-3E560C68BC83} by adding a hyphen '-' before it so its new name is -{F5FB2C77-0E2F-4A16-A381-3E560C68BC83}. See the following screenshot:windows 10 hide remobable drives navigation pane
  4. If you are running 64-bit Windows 10, repeat the step above here:
  5. Close all Explorer windows for the change to take effect.

That's it.


To restore removable drives in the navigation pane, rename the mentioned subkey from -{F5FB2C77-0E2F-4A16-A381-3E560C68BC83} back to {F5FB2C77-0E2F-4A16-A381-3E560C68BC83}.

You can save your time and use Winaero Tweaker to hide or show Removable Drives in the navigation pane.

Winaero Tweaker Removable Drives Nav Pane

Untick the Removable Drives item in File Explorer - Navigation Pane - Default Items and you are done. You can get Winaero Tweaker here:

Download Winaero Tweaker

22 thoughts on “Hide Removable Drives From Navigation Pane in Windows 10

  1. Shyam Reddy

    Good one, Sergey! Thank you.

    1. Sergey Tkachenko Post author

      You are welcome

  2. MDJ

    Thanks, this was exactly what I was looking for since I‘ve been seeing duplicates of drives!

  3. dude

    Thank you Sergey Tkachenko…worked like the instructions showed…..frustrated me, not knowing why this is doing default, for I have touched nothing since upgrading to Windows 10…now I am free on seeing double drives….

  4. The Invisible Surfer

    I noticed that after some new updates, windows 10 will put the {F5FB2C77….} key back.
    Now I have two keys, the -{F5FB2C77….} and the {F5FB2C77….}

    1. Sergey Tkachenko Post author

      Delete the newly created one.

      1. Mieky

        Thanks Sergey Tkachenko! That really helped! What’s annoying is that I will have to delete the new one after every update, because it will probably add a new one every time. If there would be another way to permanently perform this, that would be very helpful!

        But thanks for this one!

        1. Ian Horlings

          I am having the same problem, every time a Windows update happens I have to do this all over again! Wondering there there is a safe way to script this or something…

  5. ken williams

    What about open/save dialog’s. I still have two drives in there.

    1. Sergey Tkachenko Post author

      rename the mentioned subkey in here:

      1. ken williams

        that got it. missed the wow64 one. thanks

  6. Hector Zeroni

    Thanks for the tip :)

    A little correction: I think for 64 bit Windows, the key name is:

    (and not just …\Wow64Node\…)

    am I right ?

    1. Sergey Tkachenko Post author

      You are right. Thank you, I made corrections.

  7. Sean

    This page was very helpful! Thank you Sergey!

    1. Sergey Tkachenko Post author

      Don’t mention it.

  8. Ferry

    Works good!

  9. Larry Erbe

    Thank you. A simple fix for a much more efficient workspace.

  10. Adam Longaway

    Thanks! Adding the drives to the nav was a great idea by MS but like most things MS the execution turned it into a bad idea. I couldn’t access my C or D drive from it and so it just cluttered up the nav making it harder to find the drives I use the most… I’d love to be in charge of windows for a few years, I have a long list of silliness i’d love to clean up that seems so obvious yet they never fix them.

  11. Ian Steven Mancera

    Why not just put the registry file here so we can just download it?

  12. Helpful

    It appears that it is not necessary to close and restart Explorer; the change is implemented even on open Explorer windows.

  13. ted

    i found the folder in registry but it’s wasnt in the delegate folder, i tried renaming anyways. failed got some error saying cannot rename and error while renaming.

    i then spend some time and found the one in the delegate folder, that folder can be changed though. please help :)

  14. Kenny

    Ahh yes, this is just what I needed. Bless you!


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