Firefox 48 comes with new Get Add-ons page

Firefox is getting a new Get Add-ons page. With version 48, the browser comes with a different add-ons page which is more clear at introducing what themes and extensions are. It also has a live preview with videos.

Firefox 48 As of this writing, Firefox 48 is in the beta stage. To get it running alongside the currently installed Firefox version, you might want to refer to the following article:

Run different Firefox versions simultaneously

Here is how the Get Add-ons page looks like in Firefox 47, the current stable release: Firefox current get addons

And this one is from Firefox 48: Firefox new get addons

The new page currently features an introduction video which demonstrates the benefits of the updated user interface. Firefox 48 adddons instruction video

The primary goal of the refined Get Add-ons page is to provide a comfortable yet solid experience to the user. With this new page, you can install a theme or an extension in one click. When you hover over a theme featured on the new Get Add-ons page, the browser shows a live preview: Firefox 48 theme live preview 2 Firefox 48 theme live preview

To apply the theme, all you need to do is turn on the switch under the theme: Firefox 48 theme enabled

Add-ons can be installed the same way. Featured add-ons can be installed with one click. If an addon requires a restart of the browser, a notification will be shown. Firefox 48 install addon with one click

The following video shows the new Get Add-ons page in action:

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What do you think about this new Get Add-ons page? Do you like its design and options?

3 thoughts on “Firefox 48 comes with new Get Add-ons page

  1. Schmarotzki

    Useless as most changes made in every new firefox since firefox 29.
    I do not need this new Get Add-ons page!

  2. OMC

    Absolutely useless and quite stupid.

  3. Al

    i stopped updating Firefox since v46


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