Daily Bing #47 theme for Windows 8

Daily Bing #47

Get these amazing hi-res wallpapers collected from the Bing background with the Daily Bing #47 theme for Windows 8. To get this theme, click the download link below, and then click Open. This will apply the theme to your Desktop.

Tip: If you are Windows 7 user, use our Deskthemepack Installer to install and apply this theme.

Size: 3.1 Mb

Download link

One thought on “Daily Bing #47 theme for Windows 8

  1. Johan B.

    On Windows 10 with Firefox rightclick on the Bing imageof the day and rightclick on view background image, rightclick on it again and you can use it as your wallpaper without the Bing logo. You can even save it on your computer.


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