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Almost 90% of Steam users run Windows 10

Steam Hardware Survey for July 2021 reveals the latest data about gamers' hardware and software preferences. According to Steam, almost 90% of users (89.66%, to be precise) prefer Windows 10 over any other platform (it is not like they have that much choice). Now-unsupported Windows 7 remains relatively popular with 5.48% of users. Combined with the 32-bit version, Windows 7 occupies 5.59% of the entire userbase and sits tightly in second place.

As for Windows 11, it is nowhere to be found in Steam's reports. Although Microsoft promised noticeable performance improvements in Windows 11, they are not available yet, so users do not rush to upgrade their gaming systems. Also, Windows 11 is currently available to Windows Insiders only, and gamers know well that it is not a good idea to run preview builds on gaming computers. Interestingly, Microsoft said that some of the gaming improvements in Windows 11 would come to Windows 10 too, so it is natural to expect Steam users not to rush installing Windows 11 once the system is out somewhere this fall.

It is worth mentioning that participation in Steam Hardware Survey is voluntary, which means reports are not 100% accurate. Still, they provide a fairly good representation of the hardware and software users prefer. Steam Hardware Survey for July 2021 shows that most users have PCs with 4 CPU cores, 16 GB of RAM, and a relatively old yet still capable NVIDIA GTX 1060.

As for the non-gaming audience, a recent report from Adduplex showed that 1% of Windows 10 users are already testing Windows 11, while Windows 10 2004 remains dominant with more than 42% market share.

You can find all the data from July 2021 Steam Hardware Survey on the official website. More info about Adduplex reports is available here.

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